Now I'm a trained florist and my love of flowers and design just keeps growing! I am constantly thinking about designs and colours, and imagining what combinations will look like. I studied and continue to, at The Academy of Floral Art in Exeter, it's a constant source of ideas and inspiration. My style of floristry is quite free and wild, I like to think that I make the most naturally of things that are already amazing. I love being creative and listening to people’s ideas about flowers and then bringing those ideas to life for them.

Flowers really have changed my thinking - at a time when the preservation of our natural world is so very important, I believe that if you can inspire a love for nature in someone, this will also inspire a need in them to protect it, I try to portray this through my floral designs, and maybe, just maybe one day flowers will save the world.

I can’t really pin point exactly when I fell in love with flowers, but slowly over time I started looking at them and nature a little bit differently, I even started to remember some of the names of things my Mum had told me as a child, like a subliminal voice in my head, it seemed as though my mind had become tuned into something that had never really grabbed my attention before.

I started to look at flowers in total awe, contemplating how things so beautiful could have even come into existence, and be all around us, the textures, shapes, colours and smells. I totally had a new found appreciation for these astounding little life forms. I loved the way, just looking at them would give me hope and lift my spirit.



Maurice Sendak, 

There should be a place where only the things you want to happen, happen.